Corporate real estate services offered by the company

Makan manage corporate properties. So if you want to expand your portfolio with excellent corporate real estate options, then we are the right people to guide you. We have expert professionals who have combined effort of decades of experience in the real estate market, and will be able to locate the perfect property for you. Our team would also negotiate the deal with the potential sellers, so you don’t have to bother with that as well. We will have initial discussions on the kind of retail or commercial building you are interested in buying, the location, the amenities, features etc. And based on this we will help strategize a plan that would include negotiating with the seller, getting the paperwork ready and charting the final stages of the deal.


When you are planning to lease a property for commercial needs, then it is always best to have an adviser who can take you through the right path. Similarly, if you have a property and are looking to have credible tenants who are responsible, trustworthy and will pay their rents on time, then come work with us, because we have the expertise, the knowledge, and huge network of people who are looking to expand, downsize so there will be different opportunities that we can explore with you

If you are looking to expand your real estate portfolio by making intelligent commercial deals, look no further than Makan, because we have closely observed the market during the pandemic, and now with the boom in online sales, and remote working scenario, we have observed a changing business landscape on a global level. We have experts who closely observe the market during different times, and they make predictions based on this. Before taking on your project, we will cover the following

  • What is your current portfolio scenario?
  • What kind of space are you looking for, and how could this change in the future?
  • What is the location of the property that you are looking for?
  • Opportunities of growth in that particular area
  • What is the increase of real estate value over the time?
  • Increasing developmental changes
We are experts at lease negotiation and renewal for corporate real estate companies, and this contributes to one of the prime services. If you are looking to lease a property, but are still confused about the legalities involved with the leasing, we can help you right from the beginning, including finding a property for you to lease, and take a huge load off your shoulders. Let us prepare a game-changing negotiation plan for you so you can lease a great property, and have a successful business. Just focus on other aspects of your business and let us do the hard work.  At the end of the lease period, we can help you with the lease renewal as well. It is one of the most essential steps that every commercial building owner has to endure, and doing it with the help of professionals can make the task easier and completed on time, with a good deal on the table. When you do it with professionals, you can save millions in the process and an excellent deal will give you great returns.

At Makan, we have excellent transaction managers who can manage all the paperwork and other official aspects related to your commercial property transactions and deals. We can handle everything right from the beginning of the contract to the closing. We have transaction managers to monitor the entire real estate transactions closely while assisting you with useful and detailed information and suggesting action plans that would ensure the property serves all your needs, and have the opportunity to scale if the need arises. Our extensive experience in negotiation and documentation of multi-profile properties all be an asset in your property acquisition and disposition plans. In fact, a lot of aspects are involved in the acquisition, disposition and asset management and things can get really complex if you don’t have the right team to guide you. Let us help you make a smooth transaction by looking at the various factors that shape the real estate of a particular area, so you can make smart investments.

When you need the perfect property, you approach property managers who can guide you depending on what kind of real estate portfolio you are going to build. Are you making the investment for your own business purpose or are you planning to rent or lease it? This is where our property management services can assist you. We will analyse the property, its safety and security, and refer data to check the profitability of the building for the owner. As part of the facility management service, we have the tools that would analyse and monitor the functionality, safety and sustainability of the property as a whole, its grounds, buildings and current infrastructure. Once we analyse all these parameters we will send you our report, so you can be assured of making a wise investment. 

Workplace strategy and design is a huge responsibility that we undertake for our clients. Every corporation and company need methods by which they can optimise space management and reduce working costs. There are new technology tools that can provide insights and advice on space utilisation and energy consumption. We can help with new workplace design approaches in a flexible and agile manner. Yes, and it is true that workplace design can affect productivity and employee engagement. We go beyond the traditional commercial real estate functions and leverage smart technologies to make the workplace smarter with better employee satisfaction and retention. Such workplaces are in great demand and will always be occupied.