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Years of leadership in real estate sector

Founded in 2011, Makan Real Estate has steadily evolved into a prominent name in the real estate industry, specializing in the management and leasing of commercial and retail properties.

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Our services
Achievements and Recognition

High tenant satisfaction

Over the years, Makan Real Estate has garnered industry recognition and awards for its excellence in property management, leasing services, and commitment to industry best practices.

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Awards & recognition

The Merits we have earned

Diverse Portfolio Development

Over the years, we've diligently expanded and diversified our commercial and retail property portfolio. This includes acquiring prime locations, enhancing property values, and maintaining high occupancy rates.

High Tenant Satisfaction and Retention

Our commitment to excellent property management and leasing services has resulted in high tenant satisfaction, leading to strong tenant retention rates across our properties.

Successful Lease Negotiations

Through skilled negotiation strategies and in-depth market knowledge, we've secured advantageous lease terms for both property owners and tenants, fostering mutually beneficial agreements.

Proactive Property Maintenance and Upkeep

Our dedicated property management team ensures timely and effective maintenance, keeping properties in top-notch condition. This proactive approach contributes to tenant satisfaction and property value preservation.

Adaptation to Market Trends

Staying abreast of market trends and shifts, we've adapted our leasing strategies and property management practices accordingly, maximizing property performance and value.

Industry Accolades and Recognition

Our prowess in commercial and retail property management and leasing has been acknowledged through industry awards and accolades, showcasing our excellence in the real estate sector

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

Building strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, including property owners, developers, and local authorities, has enabled us to access prime properties and foster mutually beneficial collaborations.

Technology Integration for Efficiency

Embracing technological advancements, we've integrated innovative property management software and tools, enhancing operational efficiency, tenant communications, and reporting processes.

Community Impact and Responsible Management

Engaging with local communities and adhering to responsible property management practices, such as sustainable initiatives and green building standards, reflect our commitment to societal well-being.

Market Leadership and Thought Influence

Our active participation in industry forums, seminars, and publications showcases our leadership in shaping trends, policies, and best practices within the commercial and retail real estate sector.

Key offerings

Creating a great tomorrow for everyone

Property Management

Makan Real Estate takes pride in its proactive approach to property management, ensuring consistent upkeep, maintenance, and value enhancement for each property under our management

Leasing Services

Leveraging market insights and negotiation skills, our team excels in securing favorable lease agreements that benefit both property owners and tenants

Strategic Advisory

We provide strategic advice and insights to property owners, enabling informed decision-making to maximize returns on their investments


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